Your responses to our motorhome security devices poll

We've gathered all the feedback from our members from a recent poll, on the security devices that they use on their motorhomes.

Thank you to all those who answered our first ever poll in the first Safety & Security Newsletter for motorhomes and campervans. All responses were gratefully received and where appropriate, we do share the overall information with industry ‘think tanks’ and security companies, so they can improve their products to provide you with products that you really want and need.

The feedback showed that 73% of you already have a tracker on your motorhome or campervan and of those that don’t, 52% are considering getting one.

One of the main reasons for not getting a tracker was the initial and ongoing costs. 

One member summed up many replies ….

“I would prefer not to get my motorhome stolen in the first place. I have many effective and visual detergents, wheel clamp, Disklok, seats turned in and locked, straps on cab doors and Milenco lock on hab doors”

We couldn't agree more! Preventing and discouraging theft using physical measures should be top of your security agenda. Using a wheel clamp or even two is a good, worthwhile option as this visible deterrent will highlight to a thief that attempts to steal your outfit would take longer than other outfits without wheel clamps.

Although some motorhome or campervan insurance policies do offer a discount depending on your security devices, 64% of the respondents from our poll said that they didn’t know if their insurer offered a discount if a tracker was installed. It’s always worth checking with your insurance provider, as well as their competitors, to make sure you can take advantage of any discounts offered.

The underwriters of the Club’s Motorhome and Campervan Insurance sometimes require a tracker to be fitted and the tracker subscription to be maintained. Some insurers offer discounts depending on their motorhome or campervan security level. However our insurance providers would advise that as well as looking at security trackers, you also use an immobiliser as the first line of security.

Thankfully only 6.3% of you have had to use your security tracker, but 81% of those that did, had a successful recovery of your stolen motorhome or campervan.

Finally, here’s some helpful advice from our Club members to you:

“Try to make sure every security device is visible. The only way to stop thieves is to make it too much trouble for their time.”

“I keep my outfit behind locked gates with my car reversed up to the rear of it for added security and covered by 4 separately operated security cameras.”

“The money we pay for our vans…the more security the better”

“Fit as many theft deterrents as possible”

“A thief will always prefer an easy target; make sure your van does not present an easy one to take. Thieves will know how to find and disable a tracking device so don't advertise that your van has one. At least, if then stolen, the tracker should ensure recovery.”

And of course, make sure it is adequately insured with an organisation that you trust.

Our panel of insurers give discounts for certain security devices, so when you are getting a quote from us do let the system know which ones you have or are planning to get, to see how this can reduce your Motorhome or Campervan Insurance cost.

First published in March 2023.

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