Repairs and spare parts for your motorhome or campervan

Nobody wants to make a claim for damages or theft on their motorhome or campervan insurance, but of course accidents, damage and theft does happen.

There have been a few articles in the news about the long claim times, with some people waiting weeks or even months for their vehicle to get replaced or even just repaired. It is true that unlike the car market, there isn’t a large aftermarket of spare parts or panels for motorhomes and campervans, as they mostly have tailored components. With the global shortage of semiconductors, which is also affecting a lot of other industries, this means that despite the impressive efforts from the repairers, obtaining the right parts is taking a little longer than we’d all like.

Although we do expect there to be delay issues for a little while yet, with some manufacturers concentrating on producing new outfits for sale rather than spares for aftersales, things are slowly beginning to improve.

Don’t be put off in contacting us about your Motorhome or Campervan Insurance, as the large majority of damage claims are still progressing efficiently with the vehicles being repaired and returned in an acceptable time.

Whilst your rig is off-road, awaiting that particular bolt or belt or specialist widget, what can you be doing?

One of the things to consider when making a claim is whether your vehicle should be taken to a repairer that is chosen by your insurer (usually called an ‘approved repairer’) or one that you have selected yourself.

For the less experienced or those new to touring in a motorhome or campervan, it might be more beneficial to go with your insurer’s choice of repairer, especially if the repair is complex and requires specialist skills or equipment. However you should still be satisfied that they are the right choice for you and your vehicle. Be aware that some insurers may have less stringent repair sign-off procedures when using an ‘approved repairer’, so ensure that you check this with your insurer when you first report a claim.

If you are a more experienced outfit owner, who has used an independent repairer in the past or you’d prefer to use the dealer that you bought your motorhome or campervan from, you may want to go with your own choice. Again, do check with your insurers as sometimes an independent repairer will match with the insurer’s approved repairer list.

It’s important to us that our members get as much help as they need and our Motorhome or Campervan Insurance policy offers you the freedom to choose whatever suits you and your needs, best.

Although most claims for damage will be settled without any problems, if you do have any issues with a repair to your outfit following an incident that you’re covered for, we are always here to help to get you back on the road again.

First published in March 2023.

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