Dual Recovery – There? And back again?

From time to time we find out that there are elements of our products and services that not all our members know about. That’s OK. Not everybody can be expected to know every aspect of every product we offer.

This often applies to the Dual Recovery element of our MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover. For every member who cites Dual Recovery as a key reason to buy MAYDAY, there’s another who says: “Dual Recovery? What’s that?”

Find out more about Dual Recovery from MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover, so a breakdown doesn't ruin your holiday.

If your vehicle breaks down while travelling to a pre-booked campsite, and we can’t repair it at the roadside (and you’re at least a quarter of a mile from your home address), we give you a choice. Your first choice is you can choose for us to recover you, your vehicle and your passengers all the way home – no matter how far you’ve got. So far, so normal, right? Just what you’d expect from a breakdown service.

However, if you want, we’ll take you, your vehicle and your passengers all the way to your site. Once there, we’ll try and arrange to get your vehicle fixed locally, while you stay on site and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

If we can arrange to get the vehicle fixed during your holiday, you’re set and ready to go home at the end of your stay. But if the vehicle can’t be repaired locally, that’s OK too. At a time agreed with you, we’ll come back out again, and recover you, your vehicle and your passengers all the way home.

What’s more, Dual Recovery is inclusive no matter what level of cover you take out – it’s all part of the service.

To get covered call us on 0345 366 6579 or visit camc.com/MAYDAY.