Motorhome Insurance Member Claims Experience

Club member and motorhomer, John McHale, shares what happened when his motorhome’s wing mirror was knocked off and how he went about making a claim.

"The accident happened in Scotland just around the corner from our intended campsite whilst we were in a queue of traffic, when my right hand wing mirror suddenly disappeared. A car had pulled out 3 or 4 cars behind us and overtook us but got too close as I guess they didn’t want to wait in the traffic queue any longer. They didn't stop and disappeared leaving me with a wing mirror hanging off. 

My motorhome wing mirror is more than just a wing mirror; it also holds the radio ariel as well as the temperature gauge.

As soon as we arrived at the site, I taped up the wing mirror as best we could and rang Devitts, who put us in touch with the insurer for our policy.

Before the initial call to the insurer, I had already got a cost for a replacement wing mirror and had ordered one from a local garage. I discussed my excess versus the cost of the wing mirror with the insurance company.

Even though the accident was not my fault, I had no-one to claim against. If I claimed, I would have a mark against my insurance, and my insurance costs could be affected at my next renewal. I had no-one for the insurance company to get their money back from. I had protected no claims though so this would not be affected.

As the wing mirror cost and my excess were more or less the same, I resigned myself to pay for the replacement out of my own pocket when luck handed me a different path!

One of the campsite staff members showed me a local facebook group where she had seen a post from someone who had seen my accident. They had taken a picture of the car driving off in the distance, and reported it to the police. I now had a logged police incident and a witness.

I went back to the insurers, where they said they needed another witness so that it wasn't one person against another person's view, as they could claim that I pulled out into them.


So we were still no further forward then the insurers suggested closing my insurance claim and opening a legal claim, as I had taken out legal protection as part of my insurance. A legal claim does not affect your protected no claims on insurance. I took their advice and closed the insurance claim and I opened a legal claim.

The insurers legal firm were really helpful. The local police had found and interviewed the facebook witness and the local driver who had knocked off my wing-mirror. But without more than 1 independent witness they couldn't take it forward. However, then the insurance company for the driver accepted liability and I received a cheque for the costs of the new wing mirror!

So 5 Gold stars to the Club’s campsite member of staff and Motorhome Insurance”

John McHale - Club member, motorhome owner

John’s advice to his fellow Club members:

  1. Join all local facebook groups when you travel, as they are a source of fantastic information as well as great at reporting accidents.
  2. Make sure that you can always see out the rear of your motorhome or campervan with 2 wing mirrors or that you can see out of your rear window without your bikes decreasing the view, as without this view you may find that your motorhome or campervan insurance is negated.
  3. Insure with the Club for Motorhome or Campervan Insurance as they ‘have your back’
  4. Get the Club’s MAYDAY UK Breakdown Insurance provided by Green Flag - as I also rang them as I knew I shouldn't drive without having my wing mirror replaced. They kindly agreed to help, so that I could safely carry on with my holiday.

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