Managing your Caravan Cover Claims

We hope that you never have to claim on the cover that you have to financially protect your caravan (our Caravan Cover or your caravan insurance) but if you do suffer from accidental damage, fire or theft to your caravan, we have created an overview of the most recent information about caravan damage and the claims we have received in case this information is useful and helpful.

Owning a caravan gives you the freedom to experience exciting adventures, however like many other valuable assets, caravans are susceptible to accidental damage. Our financial product, Caravan Cover plays a crucial role in safeguarding your investment and provides financial protection should an unforeseen incident occur.

95% of all claims were paid during 2023, with 51% of claims being made for accidental damage, specifically damage caused when manoeuvring and subsequently hitting posts, walls, other property or cars.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in costs due to inflation in parts and labour. This meant that during 2023 we saw our average damage claim increase by over £300.

To help reduce the likelihood of having to make an accidental damage claim, use these helpful measures:

  • Making sure your caravan has a regular maintenance service to ensure that its tyres, brakes and other essential parts are in good working order.
  • Adhering to the recommended weight limits and towing capabilities, which helps prevent strain on your caravan and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • If you're new to touring or have purchased a new outfit that you're not used to, practising how to manoeuvre in an empty car park or quiet road, preferably with someone to teach you, will help you improve your technique. You can learn new or refresh your skills with the Club’s caravan-specific training courses. Once completed, you can get a discount on your Caravan Cover cost as well as on your Car Insurance with the Club (discounts can be applied when you take out our Caravan Cover or Car Insurance or at your next renewal).
  • Many members recommend using a caravan mover to help them with alignment and getting their caravan in and out of a tight storage space or for precise manoeuvring onto a pitch. In many cases, a mover is a simpler and better solution than attempting precise manoeuvring with a towcar; however, there will be times when manoeuvring with the car is necessary, which is why we recommend our towing courses even for the experienced tourer!

Part two of our claims analysis will be in our next Safety & Security Newsletter in May. In the meantime keep exploring, but stay safe.


First published March 2024