Hints and tips on manoeuvring and parking

Parking or manoeuvring your outfit is not always easy, so we've got some helpful advice and recommendations to makes it easier for you.

Parking or manoeuvring your outfit is not always easy. Whether it’s on the road, on a campsite or even on your own driveway, it can be tricky to master but like with everything, practice makes perfect!

If you’re new to touring or perhaps have bought a different outfit that you’re not used to yet, practising how to manoeuvre in an empty car park or quiet road, preferably with someone to guide you, will help you perfect your technique. Our training courses will help build up your confidence and your skills, as well as learning the best techniques and manoeuvring under pressure.

Across our UK Club Campsite network, we do unfortunately see a number of minor parking and manoeuvring incidents every year. Damage to your outfit is obviously never good and even if the damage is covered by your Caravan Cover, having repairs carried out can ruin the plans for your next trip away.

The electric caravan/motor mover is a great aid for precise manoeuvring, with a large proportion of our Club members having them fitted to their caravan to help them with hitching up, getting their caravan in and out of a tight storage area or for precise manoeuvring onto a pitch.

Image of a motor mover remote control

In a lot of situations, a caravan/motor mover is an easier and a better option than attempting precise manoeuvring with a towcar, however there will always be occasions when manoeuvring with the car is necessary.

Another great way to avoid parking and manoeuvring issues is to refresh your skills with one of the two caravan-specific training courses run by the Club, where they offer practical advice for everyone. The courses run up to November 2024 at 17 locations across the UK, with each training course taught by the Club’s friendly, expert instructors who are also Club members too. Here you’ll be provided with instructions on safety techniques, whilst you learn in small groups with plenty of one-to-one tuition and hands-on practice.

The Practical Caravanning course costs £214, is completed over 10 hours and split over one and a half days and is specifically designed for people who are completely new to caravanning. The Caravan Manoeuvring course is a six and a half hour, one day course costing £184 and is ideal for the more experienced caravanner.

Once you have completed a Club training course, you can get a 5% discount when taking out or renewing the Club’s Caravan Cover, Motorhome Insurance and/or Car Insurance, with proof of course completion. You’ll also receive a free copy of the Club’s Essential Guide to Touring, which is jam-packed with lots of useful information and normally costs £16.

For more information of the Club’s courses, please visit: www.camc.com/trainingcourses, call 01342 336 666 or email events@camc.com for more information.

First published in May 2022, updated November 2023.

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