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The Club’s technical team answers your pressing questions

Q What kinds of outfit are allowed on Club sites? Do rules apply?

A For as long as the Club has operated campsites, people have turned up with outfits that are out of the ordinary. Usually they are a delight to see, but sometimes they can raise questions over whether something unconventional is acceptable or not. 

We compile guidelines so that our site staff and head office teams can deal with the unusual as consistently and in as fair-minded a way as possible. There’s an overview of this on the Club website at

We expect all vehicles used on site to be legal, safe and roadworthy, but it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure that is the case, not the Club’s to check. If we do spot something that looks wrong, it might be pointed out, but it would be very, very rare for a vehicle to be turned away on these grounds.

Our basic criteria is that the clear intended design and purpose of the vehicle is to provide leisure accommodation use in the course of a recreational touring holiday. That allows for a very broad range of acceptable outfits, but rules out examples such as an unconverted car or a van with a mattress in it.

The motorhome sector is probably the most diverse. There’s a definition of ‘motorhome’ in international vehicle regulations which requires seats, table, beds (that can convert from the seats), cooking facilities rigidly attached to the internal structure, and storage facilities. That list sounds great and suits many types, but there are plenty of smaller, more affordable campervans that don’t comply with it, and neither would smaller teardrop and similar caravans. We happily accept all of these as long as they meet our basic criteria above. That also includes bespoke one-off models and self-build conversions. If considering one of these, however, do make sure they meet minimum acceptable build standards to keep you safe.

We love caravans of all shapes and sizes (within legal limits). If you want to paint your caravan or motorhome in bright colours and psychedelic patterns, that’s also fine, although the Club draws the line at decoration that includes offensive text or images. Fifth wheel caravans are also acceptable, subject to the size note below.

Trailer tents and folding campers provide a spacious and often very affordable option for families. Although ‘tent-like’, we consider them to be equivalent to a caravan, so they can be used on all Club sites. Roof tents which attach to a car roof rack have become increasingly popular in recent years and these can be used either on a conventional pitch on any Club site, or on a tent field where vehicle access is allowed.

Even where a particular outfit is generally acceptable, we sometimes have to limit the size of outfit on certain sites – usually due to pitch sizes or site access limitations. Length restrictions are indicated on individual site webpages and in the Sites Directory & Handbook on each site page and the summary tables on pp32-39.

Overall, we try to accommodate as wide a range of outfit choice as possible. We review our guidelines regularly and we’re always interested in hearing of new outfit types you want to use.


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Club Campsite Rules

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